Mr. Team Productions and NEXO high‐power systems reinforces the live experience at Moobaan Wonder


NEXO audio systems took centre stage at one of Thailand’s biggest annual music events to be held during the CORVID‐19 situation, when Moobaan Wonder by Wonderfruit officially signalled a restart of the live event scene in the country. The live event held at the fields at Siam Country Club Pattaya is a season‐long village festival celebrating Thai art, culture, and nature. The festival is planned to run for five weeks from December 2020 through January 2021. Mr. Team Productions undertook all the audio technical production requirements for the main Baan Sabai live band stage and the Baan Arai deejay stage.

For the Baan Sabai (บ้านสบาย) live band stage, the Front of‐ House system was proficiently handled by all‐flown hangs using NEXO STM M46 (12 units), NEXO B112 (12 units), and S118 (16 units) cabinets. Side fill was handled by NEXO Alpha M3 (2 units), B115 (4 units), and NEXO S2 (2 units). On the stage PS15 (12 units) was arrayed for the Floor Monitor system, with Drum Fill covered using PS15 (2 units) and LS18 (2 units) cabinets. NEXO Alpha Series cabinets were employed to power the (บ้านอะไร) Baan Arai deejay performance stage. The main PA system comprising of NEXO Alpha M8 (6 units), NEXO B115 (6 units), NEXO S2 (6 units) were all stacked, while the DJ Monitor system used Quest Engineering QM450A (2 units), and QM600ASi Subs (2 units). For “Ziggurat” DJ area, the PA system used NEXO PS15 (4 units), NEXO LS18 (4 units), while Quest Engineering QM450A (2 units) and QM600ASi Subs (2 units) were positioned as DJ Monitors. Finally, the PA for the “Baan Moonism” DJ setup only required NEXO PS15 (4 units) and NEXO LS1200 (2 units), with Quest Engineering QM450A (2 units) and QM600ASi Subs (2 units) covered DJ Monitor duty.

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