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Moshe Kimchi Enjoys Halo RGB and MegaPointe

Moshe Kimchi is an Israeli lighting designer whose company, Moshe Kimchi Lighting Design, based in Jerusalem, has recently invested in Robe technology, with an initial purchase of 60 x Halo RGB LED rings, quickly followed by 18 x MegaPointes. Moshe first saw the Halo RGB product video, realised the great potential of this fixture for his work – which includes corporates, music shows and dance events – and made the purchase via Robe’s Israeli distributor, Danor Theater and Studio Systems. The Halo RGBs were his first ever Robe purchase, and he was clearly impressed as the MegaPointes followed shortly after. “I know what I want in a fixture,” stated Moshe. “When the MegaPointe was launched I had a short demo from Danor and then closed the deal. I knew immediately it was a fixture with which I could be highly creative”. The 18 x MegaPointes were a substantial investment for a medium sized company and Moshe was the first of two companies in Israel to receive them. Since then, the lights have been out every week on different shows and events. Moshe is passionate about lighting, the industry and his work. Before he started the company, he worked as a technician in various places and after completing his national service in the army 21 years ago, started the company. There are now 15 full time staff and a pool of regular freelancers who work as and when needed, but fairly constantly as they service up to 60 different sized shows and events a month! Moshe Kimchi Lighting Design recently added power generators to the equipment inventory and is also the distributor for MDG atmosphere machines and effects in Israel.

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