Modulo Pi’s media servers power Puy du Fou España


On March 27, Puy du Fou España was inaugurated in Toledo, Spain. Through spectacular shows, Puy du Fou España offers visitors a unique immersion in the history of Spain and its legends. The park relies on the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media server solutions, with 25 servers installed. El Sueño de Toledo is part of the spectaculars using video projection. A video mapping is projected onto 3,900 sqm of scenery through 28 x Christie D20WU‐HS projectors, and 8 x Modulo Player Standard media servers by Modulo Pi. On this installation, Modulo Player handles soft edge blending and warping. The show is synchronized with LTC Timecode, and operators can launch the show and power on video‐projectors through custom user panels created in Modulo Player. El Ultimo Cantar traces the epic of Cid Campeador through a 360° projection and tracked moving screens. The show relies on Modulo Kinetic, with 2 x Modulo Kinetic Designer, and 7 x Modulo Kinetic V‐Node servers. A Pluma y Espada is a swashbuckling show involving projection on a stage of 60 meters wide by 10 meters high. A total of 3 x Modulo Player Pro is used for the projection on a moving screen. Through an optical encoder, Modulo Player receives the exact position of the screen in OSC. The Digimap function available in the media server then allows to project real‐time on the moving screen. Finally, Allende la Mar Oceana offers an immersive journey into Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria vessel. The immersive show includes sea effects created through a projection on curved screens based on 6 x Modulo Player media servers.

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