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MILOS performs steel truss magic at UNTOLD

The centre piece of this year’s UNTOLD festival held in Romania, featured a giant Wizard’s head that weighed an unbelievable 13.2 tons! To support this massive weight of the stage, UNTOLD needed a super strong truss span that could not only handle this 13.2 ton point load, but also be stable enough to withstand wind loads generated on the large surface area of the head. For UNTOLD, there was only one choice for achieving their vision and massive loading capacity needs – the new Steel Truss line from MILOS. The delivered solution was our extreme heavy-duty S-RTW steel truss (1450 x 770 mm), which is manufactured from ultra high strength steel alloy that is 3x stronger than standard steel alloy. Unlike traditional forks that provide a single direction connection point, it features convenient double fork connectors for multi-directional connection points, together with end braces with 22mm holes for lateral connections and pinned connectors for increased strength. The truss was used to construct spans that supported the gigantic wizard head and was rated to withstand wind loads with speeds of up to 90 km/h!

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