Milan City Studios take on Prolights EclFresnels


A new production hub has recently opened in Milan, as an events and film/TV production complex, in Porta Nuova ‐ one of Milan’s business districts, with a combined 20,000sqm of space, including five areas: The Studio, The Theatre, The House, The Square and The Park. At the centre of the complex is The Studio, a 1,200sqm studio space with the latest hardware and software for HD streaming and HD 4K uplink, taking inspiration in production spaces from the U.S. and U.K., and to provide production of digital content, events, advertizing, film and TV shoots. Antonio Larosa, Project Manager at STS communication, was involved in the design and construction of technical lighting systems within Milano City Studios: “During the planning phase I followed two guidelines: to create a basic structure and lighting that could satisfy production in terms of both technical requirements and costs and being able to turn the studio around quickly and meet the most complex needs of new productions,” commented Antonio. The Studio can have two different setups: a green‐screen setup with a length of 15 metres, and a virtual LED set of 11 metres in length. “For the basic lighting of the two spaces, I decided to use 48 units of PROLIGHTS EclFresnel TW in manual mode,” said Larosa. He added: “The ability to vary the colour temperature in these units make them very versatile for various uses. They also have excellent colour rendering quality, and we find them to be a great product that fully balances great characteristics and quality.” Despite it being a modern conventional fixture, the EclFresnel packs very useful features: “The fast‐wiring capabilities, of not only power through its True1 connectors but also DMX, make it very intuitive for studios and people with a TV‐lighting background. We also loved the excellent brightness comparable to that of a 1,000‐watt halogen lamp,” concluded Antonio.

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