Singapore Engineers Upgrade their Audio Knowledge with MIDAS Training

Singapore-Engineers-Upgrade-their-Audio-Knowledge-with-MIDAS-Training 1

A good mix of sound technicians and audio engineers attended the Midas Training session hosted by Consolidated Audio Networks Pte Ltd, in Singapore. Not knowing what to expect, CAN’s Chad Batchelor and Colin Oliveiro kicked-off the session with the theory aspects of the “Fundamentals of Mixing” with topics like “How sound is made”, “What is frequency”, and “How the venue or capacity affects the sound.”

In the afternoon, they moved on to a more hands-on approach with a practical portion. The “class” even recorded their own mix so that they can have a feel of what the board is capable of and how it should be done using the M32. General feedback from the attendees was that it was very useful and it gave them a better understanding of the M32’s features, with some especially keen on using the M32 more often for their own events.


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