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Memories of NYE with Maroon 5

Anyone enjoying Maroon 5’s New Year’s Eve special shows at Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, USA, will have witnessed the cool and elegant geometric lines of Brian Jenkins’ production and lighting design … for which he also utilized over 200 Robe moving lights. The upstage LED screen was a triangle 50ft wide at the base and 30ft high, and this was flanked by two angled lighting pods either side at the top – in a diamond orientation – with a third pod over center stage, also at 45 degrees to keep the triangular / diamond architecture. These three trussing pods were each filled with 49 x Robe Spiider LED wash beams in a 7×7 matrix format.

Brian needed a lightweight fixture that he could source easily in quantity, and that had some degree of pixel control. Spiider was “a robust fixture and a great fit.” Fifty-six MegaPointes were on the plot as they are among his current favorite beam lights. Describing these fixtures as “reliable and with plenty of tools”, 30 x MegaPointes were positioned along the sloping edges of the LED screen with the remainder on a V-shaped truss in between the pods. “They work well for big graphic looks and sometimes cutting across the video imagery,” he commented, adding that if they develop this design in the future, he will add some wings with MegaPointes for additional filling. He positioned 13 x Robe BMFL WashBeams on an upstage truss, used for powerful silhouetting of the band and to outline them without getting too beamy. They were also used to fly out into a cool fan focus that framed the whole visual stage picture. These Robes and other lighting fixtures – including LED profile moving lights, tilting LED battens and bright LED strobes were all programmed and run by Brian using a grandMA2 full size console supplied by Delicate Productions the lighting and video vendor. His account handlers there – Jason Alt and Angelo Viacava – “were brilliant.”

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