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MEGA-Lite Circa Scoop illuminate Capitol Congress

The MEGA-Lite Circa Scoop LED is a unique fixture designed with four different elements and a variety of technological components that can be used to create authentic looks and eyecandy effects. This unit has been seen and used in many creative ways since its release. Mastermind Production Group, freelance Lighting Designer, Scot Gianelli was no different in adding his own touch of creativity to create the perfect design for Capitol Congress at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, California. Five series of “boxes” were created with the Astera Titan Tubes which gave the square illusion. With the help of Kinetic Lighting who provided the units, a Circa Scoop LED was placed at the center of each box to add a circular effect that would enable more visual and dynamic options. “These fixture types gave me the ability to create color and movement that wouldn’t blind or overwhelm the audience as well as play with them as shapes in a huge variety of ways,” said Gianelli. “The biggest thing for me about the Circa Scoops is that the variety of lighting elements (Outer Ring, Inner Ring, Inner Lamp, Reflection) allowed me to continue to make new and unexpected shapes as well as colors, so looks always felt fresh and didn’t get stale or repetitive.

I really loved how they could be hyper-contemporary, flashy, vibrant, colorful and feature-rich in one cue, then appear to be very old-school, like an old warm studio or red carpet light in the next, making them extremely elegant and cozy. It was a critical component of giving each musical performance its own DNA and unique vibe, and all on a pretty lean budget.” The Circa Scoop is great, and it’s exactly what we needed for this project,” said Gianelli. “It’s incredibly versatile and offered and extremely dynamic visual backdrop to a huge variety of material, which allowed me to jump between really classic and timeless looks to very contemporary and vibrant looks very easily. I think they are an excellent addition to corporate events, music videos and live music performances.” Though Scot Gianelli hasn’t had much experience with Mega Systems Inc, he looks forward to using more MEGA products in his future projects.

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