MEGA‐LITE shines bright at The Grand


The 80‐year‐old Ritz Theater is located on Grand Avenue in Escondido, CA and has been abandoned for 15 years. With the use of several Mega Systems Inc. products, PTG (Performance Technology Group) and BGW (Building God’s Way) were able to transform this vacant building into what will now be known as The Grand, a church sanctuary and theater opened to the general public. Since its original opening date in 1938, The Ritz Theater has been through a fire and several other transformations before permanently closing down in 2003. With so much history to the building, PTG had to consider which products would be the best fit.

One of the units chosen was the new MEGA‐LITE Drama Profile LED Q2W . With a 250W Quad RGB & WW LED, this unit offers a longer output which is ideal for longer throw projections and crucial when it comes to installing over 30 of them almost twenty feet above the stage at The Grand. The ability to create an infinite amount of colors eliminates the need for gel replacements, which is ideal for this type of installation. With a 96 (3100K) High‐CRI on warm white, it will allow the building to have a soft warm tone when needed. The options of a 19º, 26º and 36º lens barrel can create versatile, flat, soft, diffused edges, perfect for the theatrical use of the building. The Drama Profile LED Q2W was chosen specifically for its unique high‐performance capabilities. “We found the brightness and color saturation amazing. It was very cost effective and overall a great product chosen for this installation,” said PTG Senior Project Manager, Misael Loya. In addition to the Drama Profile, the Nova‐Lite Q200 was also chosen, which was installed as high as the Drama Profiles. The Nova‐Lite Q200 is a powerful color changing LED fixture with extremely wide coverage. The unit is equipped with a 200‐watt single source RGBW LED for a smooth, even output. It has a 55º reflector beam angle and ships with a 30º and 15º lens for longer throw applications. A 60º diffuser accessory is available for softening the edge of the output.

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