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Mark Butts Defines OneRepublic With Ayrton MagicPanel

OneRepublic headlined the Honbda Civic Tour of North America with an impressive lighting design by Mark Butts, production and lighting designer at Los Angeles-based Preset Productions, with 103 Ayrton MagicPanel™-602 fixtures, supplied by global rental company VER.
These help realise a unique design intent by Butts and co-production designer and show director, Raj Kapoor, whose aim was to start forging a signature ‘brand image’ for the band.

Butts and Kapoor rigged ten lighting trusses in pairs at a 35° angle to form a series of receding ‘triangles’ which get progressively smaller upstage. These were loaded with 103 MagicPanel- 602 fixtures to create a type of architectural ceiling piece with which to frame the band. Despite the two downstage trusses being on a Kinesys system, there is very little movement in
either the trusses or the MagicPanel-602 fixtures during the show, with only one acoustic moment when the trusses are dropped in as an interesting backdrop for the band.

One of my favourite effects is to select the outer four corner ‘pixels’ of each panel and do a little dimmer chase through it. It looks like a shimmering star field, and if you do it right with just a small pan and tilt, it looks like the whole thing is breathing and moving in a very organic kind of way.”
Butts and his team also make a point of never using the same effect twice, so there is always a different selection on the MagicPanel face.

Brian Jenkins, our programmer, must get some credit for that as he was a big part, along with A.J. Pen, OneRepublic’s lighting director. Brian’s speciality is to dig deep into that side of things. It might take twenty minutes to set up an effect, but it will be something that no-one has ever seen before.
Jenkins and Butts used a grandMA2 console to programme the show: “The grandMA and Ayrton fixtures work together very well,” Butts says. “As programmers, we have collectively devised an approach to programming the MagicPanels that is really easy, fast and clean, and allows us to achieve complicated looks without a huge amount of hassle.”

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