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Marjan Television Network Upgrades with Spotlight LEDs

MarjanMarjanOver 100 Spotlight Green Line LED Fresnels have been supplied to London-based Marjan Television Network as part of a major upgrade of the broadcaster’s studios. When Marjan wanted to upgrade the lighting infrastructure of its four-studios complex, one of the key technical requirements was to utilise an energy-efficient Fresnel source which would deliver good colour rendition on camera. Marjan invested in over 80 Spotlight FresneLED 200W Cool White LED fixtures, and 20 FresneLED Compact 100W Cool White LED fixtures, which deliver quality, even light coverage inside the studios. The high-efficiency 200W, main FresneLED 200 fixtures provide similar output to a 1,000W incandescent tungsten lamp, plus with an extra-long life of more than 30,000 hours, save maintenance costs associated with traditional tungsten Fresnel sources. The unit also features an adjustable fan speed, for ultra-quiet operation in studio environments. Featuring the same core benefits as the FresneLED 200, the 100W FresneLED Compact has a shorter enclosure, making it an ideal space-saving solution for studio installations. Despite its size, it can zoom from a 12° spot to a 75° extremely even flood. The Spotlight fixtures were supplied to Marjan by UK dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET).

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