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Mandylights Creates Spectacular Effects with Christie Widget Designer

Christie’s Australian partner, Mandylights, played an instrumental role in transforming Wulugul Walk in Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct into a magical bushland filled with dramatic lighting and mesmerizing puppetry during Vivid Sydney 2018. Mandylights was responsible for the lighting design of Marri Dyin, including the use of a pair of Christie® Pandoras Box Widget Designer, as well as 350 internal LED lights that were wirelessly controlled and triggered from both an onsite iPad and an external lighting control system. “For this show, it was essential that both lighting and audio appeared organic and fluid, and transitions between cues and tracks had to be seamless regardless of where we were coming from or going to,” said Clint Dulieu, technical designer, Mandylights. “This meant that we needed much more than canned show replay, and to have a nice front-end for the cast members. We had therefore chosen the Widget Designer as it enabled me to customize a front-end interface that gave the puppeteers from Erth everything they needed.” An advanced control surface creation framework that lets users create dedicated user interfaces and interaction logic by connecting visual control components, Widget Designer has a rich feature-set for visual node-based programming. The first Widget Designer was used for the main control engine within the puppet itself and was installed on-board in a custom system that was built into a waterproof case. The second Widget Designer was deployed in the main control room and served as a bridge taking in cue commands from QLab show control, and outputting to the grandMA2 lighting control system via telnet. Dulieu singled out the Widget Designer as one of the technology tools that contributed to The Liminal Hour’s success, “Widget Designer enabled us to achieve a control solution that not only filled all of our specific requirements from the technical side, but whilst doing so did not in any way limit the artistic needs of our puppeteers which is quite the challenge.”

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