Mahajak Development creates ideal learning environment using HARMAN Professional Solutions


To offer attendees an engaging training experience, the Panyatara Learning Service Center in Thailand hired Mahajak Development Co. Ltd., to design and install a HARMAN Professional audio‐visual and control solution. To fill the training rooms with excellent sound, Mahajak installed JBL Control 14C/T ceiling loudspeakers and also digital processors to help manage and configure the systems. The visual solution in the smaller training room consists of 120” and 180” motorized screens that display images from projectors, while digital signage displays, contactless smart cards and CCTV systems were also installed. The larger training room, which can be divided to create two rooms with two separate systems when needed, features an AV network that supports 4K resolution as well as eight 180” motorized screens that can work as a single screen or individual displays. Mahajak also equipped both training rooms with world‐class control systems that are easy to use and efficient. AMX MKP Series wall Control Pads and Keypads allow trainers to easily adjust volume levels, turn the projector on and off, select sources and much more.

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