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MagicDot-XT diamond formation for Lenny Kravitz’s Raise Vibration

The Lenny Kravitz Raise Vibration tour, in kicked off in 2018 in Mexico City. The stage show is a large and lively affair with lighting designer, Leroy Bennett, incorporating 224 of Ayrton’s MagicDot™-XT fixtures into his multilayered design. The main set changes at different venues, but the backdrop setting and lighting design stays the same and consists of fourteen diamond shaped pods with 16 MagicDot-XT fixtures tightly packed into each one, with just a 250mm offset between each fixture within each matrix. The pods are rigged in two rows of 7 and partially concealed behind a massive louvre blind back wall. “The MagicDots were the main effect lights of the rig,” confirms Bennett’s lighting associate and programmer, Harry Forster, “partly due to the design and partly due to the versatility of the product. And, as always, Roy’s design was so versatile, that throughout programming the 20 or so songs, we managed to get a different look out of the MagicDot-XT every time.” Forster explained why they wanted Ayrton MagicDot-XT for the tour: “We chose these particular fixtures because of their compactness which made them the best fit to assemble into the pods. We liked that everything you need from it is in the right place. It’s surprising how many fixtures have one or two annoying quirks about how the channels are mapped, or controlled, (in this case by a grandMA2) – we didn’t have any of those issues.” The fixtures were supplied by PRG for the global tour.

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