Magic Monkey Brings Deutsche Bank’s Brussels Location To Life With Martin by HARMAN Outdoor LED Lighting


Architectural lighting firm Magic Monkey and system integrator NetherLED recently collaborated to illuminate Deutsche Bank’s Belgian headquarters in uptown Brussels with a dazzling animated display powered by Martin Exterior Wash outdoor LED lighting fixtures. “Our goal with this project was twofold: to highlight the architecture and carry the Deutsche Bank brand in an elegant way,” said Marc Largent, Managing Director, Magic Monkey. Magic Monkey chose Martin Exterior Wash 200 fixtures to illuminate the majority of the building, with Martin Exterior Wash 100 fixtures highlighting the top two stories. Magic Monkey’s design includes the Exterior Wash Series’ optional snoot to conceal the light source, making the beams appear part of the structure. DMX control enabled Magic Monkey to easily program the lights to “strum” like a harp, in addition to other special effects for holidays and events. With a weather‐resistant IP66‐rated housing, the Exterior Wash fixtures comfortably endure the elements year‐round. “The light quality was very good, and the optics were great,” said Largent. “The control was very subtle, which is important for us, and the fact that they are RGBW fixtures offers us a great choice of colors. They are also very solid fixtures, and they’ve withstood weather and time in different locations around the world. ”

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