MA Control Reaches 88,466 Total Parameters


As always, production for the two live semi-finals and final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest were world class.The amazing production design was by Florian Wieder working closely with lighting designer and DoP Jerry Appelt plus a massive technical team managed on site by head of production, Ola Melzig. MA Lighting was once again chosen to provide a powerful, flexible and stable networked control solution for 1,816 lighting and LED ‘pixel’ fixtures plus playback video elements for the upstage video wall, centre stage video floor and a large, elegant scenic arch. An impressive total of 12 x grandMA2 consoles were installed into the venue: 8 x grandMA2 full-size, 4 x grandMA2 light and 1 x dot2 core. These were joined by 25 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), 17 for lighting, three for video, two active but

not in the session plus three spare. There were a total of 30 x MA 8Port Nodes, 5 x MA 3D visualisation systems, 4 x grandM A2 fader wing and 16 x video servers all in the control network.These grandMA2 control elements were specified by Matthias Rau, and they reached the maximum amount of 31 x MA class 1 network devices (desks and MA NPU) plus the MA 8Port Nodes and MA 3D on top! The total parameter count being controlled across the MA network was 88,466 and the fixtures being controlled including all their respective individual LED pixels amounted to 9,857. A massive 18,536 cues were in the final showfile, activated across 164 console executors (Playbacks) and 226 patched universes! Five Data Cities (DCs) were established, two in the arena – one at FOH split left and right – one house left and one house right and one behind the stage/video wall with three fibre rings running around the arena connecting these to FOH via switches – 34 in total, plus four 8port truss mounts – for the whole control network, running in RLinkX mode for full redundancy. PRG Germany was the event’s main lighting and video equipment contractor. On the lighting side, they agreed a collaboration with production rental specialist Litecom from Denmark who provided the MA Lighting grandMA2 control hardware and data networking infrastructure.


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