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Luke Edwards reflects Jacob Collier’s expansive Sound on Tour with CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX

Jacob Collier’s stunning exploration of music’s outermost boundaries at the Sydney Opera House on September 7 is part of his Djesse World Tour. Reflecting the essence of Collier’s music was a deftly balanced Luke Edwards lighting design that featured CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures. Edwards used 32 of the 1- meter long RGB strips in his 12 universe show. The ÉPIX units were positioned in free flowing fashion throughout the rig. Working from his 16 pages of cues, Edwards pixel mapped the strips using a pixel mapper and effect generator to create a galaxy of fluid patterns that changed and moved in harmony with Collier’s music. Edwards has been able to take his ÉPIX Strip Tour units with him on the Djesse Tour, “We have used the ÉPIX fixtures since the beginning of the album cycle,” he said.

“They are at the heart of the look of the show. We fly them all around the world with two custom Pelis, using 16 strips for small venues and 32 for bigger shows. The beauty of our set up is we can place the stands and strips further apart, and it will make rig look bigger. Then at a smaller venue, we can squeeze them together, and it looks like we have a huge number of fixtures on stage.” Having the ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures so easily transportable offers a significant advantage to him as a designer, believes Edwards. “We can take the strips with us as if they were luggage,” he said. “This means that wherever we go we can quickly set up the heart of our show and own the stage with our look, regardless of the venue.”

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