With the new LS18 subbass cabinet, NEXO introduces extra versatility to two of its best-selling product ranges.  The LS18 is compatible with both the GEO S12 line array and the PS Series cabinets, and will please NEXO customers with its agreeable price:dB ratio. Smart cabinet design has made it easy to create compact and powerful line arrays for fixed installation; identical in width to the height of a GEO S12 cabinet, the LS18 is compatible with GEO S12 rigging hardware, making it simple to configure the appropriate scale of groundstack for any venue.  Flown above a series of GEO S12 cabinets, LS18 anchors a discreet and powerful line array that’s perfect for applications in which a clear stage is required, such as houses of worship.  LS18 can even be flown in tandem with PS15s, an ideal compact and low-profile solution for fixed installations in clubs with a low ceiling height.


Mobile options for this light and easy-to-handle single 18” sub range from simple pole-mount systems, using GEO S12 cabinets or NEXO’s best-selling PS15 full-range speaker, to line-array groundstacks of GEO S12. Available in two versions, the standard LS18 features a steel pole mount on the top of the cabinet and plates on the side, compatible with GEO S12 and PS Series rigging hardware. The LS18e is a stripped-down version, dispensing with rigging plates, handles and pole mount to deliver an exceptional price/performance ratio in fixed-install applications.


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