loud GmbH Chooses LITECRAFT WashX.21


LITECRAFTLITECRAFTloud GmbH based in Kassel and Berlin, that has been supporting events of all kinds with planning,
sound, lighting, video and rigging since 2009. The company recently expanded its equipment pool by 24 LITECRAFT WashX.21. The WashX.21 complements the popular LITECRAFT X series with a powerful outdoor floodlight. Compared to many other LED floodlights on the market, which are actually only larger LED spots due to their very narrow beam angles, the WashX.21 is a true LED wash. Its 21 RGBW LEDs in combination with high-quality optics provide an absolutely homogeneous wash effect. Thanks to the fixture’s convection cooling, the unit operates silently, making it suitable for indoor applications as well. “The WashX.21 is the first LITECRAFT
product in our inventory“, explains Tim Wiegand, General Manager of loud GmbH. “However, we have already had very good experiences with the devices in the first days. The floodlight is very
flexible to use thanks to the compact design and the light weight, and the high light output allows us to work more efficiently. In addition, the color mixing is very good and not slipping into pastel,
as other products sometimes do.”

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