Live Ultra Lounge With MEGA Gear


LIVE Ultra Lounge originally opened on April 2014, with the help of Mega Systems Inc it has undergone two different renovations that maximized the Vegas experience in San Antonio, TX. Previously equipped with MEGA-LITE, PR Lighting and RGBlink products; LIVE updated their design and gear to be able to bring the Vegas club scene experience to San Antonio. Owner Robert Cruzzi kept his unique and distinct vision for LIVE Ultra Lounge’s new renovation. Keeping the Vegas theme in mind, he was able to upgrade his previous design to a much brighter and visual concept.



Previously using a 12.5’W x 8.3’H 12D LED panels that were placed behind the DJ, Cruzzi decided to replace them with the MEGA VIEW Phantom Panels (3.9mm pitch) creating an 18’W x 9’H video wall. The RGBlink Venus X1 video processor is used to control both video walls. With multiple outputs that accept a wide variety of video signals, the Venus X1 combines true seamless fade-in, fadeout, glitch-free switching to meet the requirements of high-quality video presentations. This allows the guest DJ’s at LIVE to be able to project their own videos and logos onto the wall adding a unique presentation to each one of them and keeping the Vegas look original every night that it’s used. A chandelier made up of circular truss, lighting fixtures and a giant disco ball hangs above the center of the dance floor. Cruzzi added 4 x Axis Beam 2Rs, 4 x Axis 7D5s, and 4 x Axis Beam 7R fixtures that produce a powerful beam with flexibility that can be projected to any corner of the club. To complete the look four XS Strobe RGB’s were also hung along the rest of the other fixtures.

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