Live concerts together between cities


A unique technology called MVTP (Modular Video Transmission Platform) developed by CESNET can transmit audio and video signals over a network with added latency of less than 1 ms. The transmission is bidirectional and can be used over a regular shared Internet across long distances between cities and countries. The technology received the European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award in 2020. The end‐to‐end latency is so small that it allows musicians to play together between cities and countries even the most critical classical music.

It is not just Internet streaming, but the real playing together, as if on the same stage. The device is small, portable, fan less and 100% quiet, suitable for use on a music stage. HDTV and 4K versions are available. There is even an 8K version, which was recently developed in a joint project by CESNET, AV MEDIA, intoPIX and Image Matters. Various unique distributed concerts across Europe have been already arranged using the technology. The latest example was a joint concert between musicians in Prague and Vienna connecting two music festivals in August this year. The Artel string quartet at the 30th International Summer Academy in the Vienna’s Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst were playing live together with prof. Vlastimil Mareš, who was playing clarinet at the 9th Prague Clarinet Days in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Other unique events that have been arranged include playing two or three organs together, only possible when connected over a network.

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