Liteup supplies light to Björk’s Cornucopia Tour


UK-based Liteup supplied lighting, video server and control plus rigging – 136 points including Kinesys automation – equipment for all technical departments for the recent UK and European leg of Björk’s Cornucopia tour, for which the lighting was a co-design by Bruno Poet and Richard White. Bruno is well known as a theatre and opera LD and for his creative lighting. Richard White has worked for Björk as a programmer and lighting director on the road for the last six years. Liteup’s Account manager was Marc Callaghan, supported by project manager Dan Bunn. Liteup provided 16 x Martin MAC Viper Performance and 37 x MAC Viper profiles for the main moving lights, which were arranged on six over-stage and two FOH trusses, joined by 29 x GLP X4s as the primary wash lights. Two Robe BMFL WashBeams running on a RoboSpot remote follow spotting system were positioned at FOH off to the sides which was to increase the subtlety of their impact on stage – the goal being that the artist should not even feel their presence.

Thirty-two GLP X4 Bar 10s and 20 x X4 Bar 20 LED battens were positioned on the over stage trusses in upstage and downstage rows. Both GLP JDC1 and SGM Q2 strobes had been used throughout all the shows. On this leg, Richard spec’d Q2s for the floor strobes and JDC1s for the overheads as they had swapped to a festival-style rolling stage with the floor units completely visible. The requirement was therefore for a small footprint strobed that absolutely kicked! Twenty Astera AX3 ‘LightDrop’ battery powered LED ‘pucks’ were dotted around the stage providing a wireless up-lighting solution to highlight the mushroom gills and set elements. Two grandMA3 light consoles were supplied by Liteup for control with a disguise 4×4 pro media server for the playback video which was operated by Daniel Bond. The rigging detail comprised 136 motors from Liteup – a mix of quarter ton, half ton, 1-ton and 2-ton and including the five Kinesys vari-speed hoists – which were shared between lighting, audio and video departments, together with 143 metres of Litec PR60 pre-rigged truss. Head rigger Steve Belfield worked alongside Toby Lee. The lighting crew chief was Aiden McCabe, Ryan Harrington oversaw dimmers and the lighting crew was completed by techs Simon Carus Wilson and Mick Stowe.

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