Lighting the Louvre for David Guetta


It was the gig of show designer / director Romain Pissenem’s dreams! Global music superstar David Guetta, France’s most iconic DJ and music producer playing a unique set live at the Musee du Louvre in central Paris. in this breath‐taking environment with environment with style, cool, poise and some superlative dance beats, 116 x Robe iPointes moving lights on the rig helped make it a livestream to remember. Romain’s team included lighting designer Ian Tomlinson and lighting programmer and operator James Betts‐Gray. The 116 x iPointes were the primary lights of the show. They looked stunning as their intense beams sliced dramatically through the rain and night sky radiating the incredible energy and sounds being created by the artist. Four hundred and thirty‐two lights were utilized in total. To these Romain added some subtle lasering on the pyramid itself, with 20 x 30‐Watt lasers shooting up and across the structure producing subtle highlights, disturbance and glitch effects which looked great on camera. Lighting and audio equipment were supplied by S Group, a regular High Scream show and event technical partner, with the lasers from Laser Fabrik.

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