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The Leys School Upgrades With Spotlight LED Fresnels

Prestigious Cambridge-based school, The Leys has recently upgraded the drama technical facilities of its purpose-built theatre and performing arts centre with the latest energy-efficient Spotlight Green Line white LED Fresnels.
As part of an ongoing upgrade of the theatre’s lighting to keep the equipment up to date and move towards greener, more energy-efficient technical facilities, the venue’s Theatre Manager, Paul Durose contacted A.C. Entertainment
Technologies Ltd.
(AC-ET) and chose Spotlight Green Line FresneLED 200W and FresneLED Compact 100W, Warm White Fresnels.

He commented: “We had been looking for an affordable, good quality warmwhite LED Fresnel. In my opinion, the Spotlight units offer this at a good price.
They produced the best results out of the various LED fixtures we trialled, and deliver a very smooth and even coverage, with no compromise to the quality of light. The Spotlight Fresnels are contributing towards a total reduction in the standard rigs’ energy consumption of over 80% since we fully switched to LED.” In addition, 90 metres of AC-ET’s in-house Tourflex® Datasafe Ultra™ hybrid cables fitted with powerCON connectors are used to integrate the fixtures with the existing infrastructure. The hybrid cable provides a solution for transporting power and data over a convenient single cable.

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