Largest Clair Brothers System In Indonesia For Total Productions

AVL TIMES ASIA - Issue 131

AVL TIMES – JUly 2012 – ISSUE 13

The Clair Brothers system in the recent NKOTB concert
held in the MEIS Ancol venue in Jakarta

Hendra Lie, President of Mata Elang with Barry Clair of
Clair Brothers Audio Products

Indonesia: PT Total Productions has become the first rental company to own the biggest Clair Brothers Audio System in Indonesia.Hendra Lie, the President of Mata Elang which owns Total Productions, had decided that Clair Brothers was the preferred concert system for his newly opened Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) live venue located in Ancol, Jakarta. Supplied by Clair Brothers Australia, the system for Mata Elang was delivered and commissioned in just 5 weeks in order to be ready for the Sum 41 concert in April 2012. The main system consists of a 80-cabinet Clair Brothers i-Series large format line array system comprising of i218-M-90 (H90° x V10°), i212-M-90 (H90° x V10°) line array elements, and iS1218-M subwoofers for the low frequency support. The “M” designates the speaker to be a mobile version. The purchase also includes 6 units of Clair Brothers FF2-H-M compact speakers for Front Fill and 12 units of Clair Brothers 12AM low-profile stage monitors. To specially drive the Clair Brothers speakers are Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Q and PLM 20000Q power amplifiers. Built-in with Lake Processing, these amplifiers are an integral part of a Clair Brothers custom power and management rack whichis shipped from their factory in the USA.

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