K-Array Firenze Returns For Bros


Returning to London’s iconic O2 Arena for one of 2017’s most anticipated pop reunions, the flagship Firenze touring system from Italian innovator K-array was recently deployed for the return of Bros. For Bros, the core front of house system comprises just 12 KH8 panels per side were flown to deliver consistent coverage, while six IP65-rated KS8 subwoofers per side provided low-end extension. In addition, two discreet side hangs comprised three Mugello KH3 concert series panels plus four Mugello KH2 down fills per side.
The Firenze KH8 dismisses the limitations of more cumbersome touring solutions with an innovative flat panel design that enables optimum directivity via digital acoustic steering. Entire systems are flown in a straight line,
with the option to precisely tilt panels as required. On-board each panel is an IP65-rated electronics module delivering eight channels of Powersoft DSP and amplification, utilising the Armonia platform for system EQ and control, and providing 2,000W of power on each output. System optimisation to suit the venue is achieved simply with AFMG’s EASE Focus software. The combination of all of the above is named Slim Array Technology (SAT) – quick to deploy, virtually invisible when flown, yet powerful enough to meet even the most challenging of environments.

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