INFiLED wows visitors at 2020 LED China exhibition


On September 3, 2020, the three day LED China Shenzhen Exhibition ended successfully. On the system integrated audio‐visual feast, INFiLED brought cutting‐edge technology and latest products which attracted thousands of visitors to gather at their booth (No. 1‐B01), where the scene was bustling and lively. Visitors had a good comment on INFiLED’s unique booth design, technologically advanced products, and warm and meticulous service reception. Considering many customers cannot attend, we have an exclusive Live broadcast platform which is open to the world. As long as you log in the platform, you can watch the live stream to have a deeper understanding in the booth.

There was a total of seven live broadcasts (in Chinese, English, and Korean) during the three‐day exhibition. Affected by the epidemic, the international situation is not very optimistic. The business has slowed down, but the development of INFiLED have not stopped. This year, INFiLED paid more attention on the research on products, increased its investment in research, built a COB technology development team to keep it‘s leadership position in the industry. INFiLED exhibited an all‐in‐one mobile Digi‐board which was assembled by QM1.25 for meeting room application. The screen is a Full HD 2K high‐definition screen. This product features remote‐monitoring system, and it’s also an input device equipped with sensing function. The screen is sensitive to pressure, users can interact with the machine by touching pictures or words on the screen directly. It can be used as the focal point for everything from executive customer presentation and collaborative workshops to training programs and internal communications. For different needs, the ultra‐thin wall‐mounted flagship WP series screen features a tide appearance to achieve more flexible application. It also can be applied at control room, office meeting room and home theater.

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