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Indochine Is RoboSpotted

Lighting designer Thomas Dechandon of the 4eleven collective created a stunning show for French superstar pop-rock band Indochine’s recent tour, including over 200 Robe moving lights on the rig – with MegaPointes, Spiiders, LEDBeam 150s –plus a 6-way RoboSpot remote follow spotting system that was run by three operators. These were part of an impressive kit list supplied by leading French rental specialist Dushow. Each RoboSpot operator positioned behind the stage controlled two BMFL WashBeam moving lights running in conjunction with two RoboSpot Motion Cameras. The compact moving head cameras were rigged in front of the BMFLs on a ‘magic arm’. Three BMFL WashBeams being used as follow spots were positioned on the front truss and the other three on the central ring of a large circular video ceiling installed over the audience.Kevin Migeon from Robe France arranged RoboSpot demonstrations and tests for Thomas to ensure that everything he wanted to do was viable. Throughout the tour he also communicated the operators’ feedback to Robe’s R & D team in the Czech Republic, who are constantly monitoring and developing the system software in response to the user requests.



The RoboSpot system proved straightforward and logical for the touring operators to learn.


“The operators became very comfortable with the system and I am very satisfied with the results,” confirmed Thomas. “We wanted numerous projections, so I was looking for a product powerful but small enough to be concealed and not compromise the video,” says Thomas, so 48 MegaPointes were positioned around the screens. A total of 120 LEDBeam150 fixtures were positioned around the MegaPointes to bring extra volume to the stage with 40 Spiiders positioned upstage in the background, on the rear truss, and on the circular audience ceiling. Also on the circular ceiling were 12 x BMFL Blades.Controlling the show are Thomas and his assistant JC (Jean Christophe Aubrée) via two grandMA 2 lights.

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