IFC Seoul creates a world-class meeting space with HARMAN Professional Solutions


The International Finance Center Seoul recently partnered with TechData Co., Ltd. to install a HARMAN Professional Solutions networked AV system in The Forum at IFC for meetings, conferences and more. To deliver immersive sound in The Forum, TechData deployed a line array of column loudspeakers, including JBL Intellivox HP-DS170, Intellivox DC115 and CBT 100LA-1 speakers. For added depth, TechData installed JBL Control 18C/T ceiling-mounted loudspeakers.

JBL AC15 and EON610 loudspeakers on the walls provide balanced coverage throughout the facilities. The system is powered with Crown XTi 2002 and XTi 1002 amplifiers. A versatile Soundcraft Si Performer 1 mixing console provides advanced processing for audio and DMX signals. TechData utilized an array of AMX products to provide complete control over the system. AMX NMX-ENCN1122, NMX-ENC-N1115- WP, NMX-DEC-N12222 and NMX-WP-N1512 processors provide HDMI-quality video and audio over IP. The AMX NMX-ENC H.264 encoder captures live video recordings directly to a USB hard drive. To complete the setup, the AMX SC-N8001 AV control system was installed along with NX-3200, EXB-IRS4, and EXB-REL8 control interfaces. An MSD- 1001 wall mount touch panel offers intuitive control over all devices in the network.

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