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Idols South Africa votes for grandMA3

Lighting designer Joshua Cutts was thrilled to drive a grandMA3 light for the Idols South Africa finale hosted in Johannesburg. The team comprised of Dream Sets, who were the full technical supplier headed by Project Manager Eben Peltz, lighting and set designer Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier with Gavin Wratten once again the Executive Producer and Director. Deciding that Idols would be the ideal opportunity to test the grandMA3 light, Joshua approached Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution, the MA distributors in Africa, and he enthuses what a cool experience it was. “Still running on grandMA2 software, it’s still the same desk for now but with new hardware. It worked out pretty well because I broke my arm before we loaded in, and only had one arm to program with. The console was small enough for me to reach every button with one arm (he laughs).” From a hardware point of view, Joshua says the new console rocks. “I was very impressed with the work MA Lighting have done on the buttons, faders, and the whole tactile experience, which I think is what they wanted to achieve,” he said. “The buttons were softer and easier to use, the faders were more responsive and the touch screen very accurate. The grandMA3 light integrated well with my grandMA2 light, the MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) and MA 8Port Node. It worked seamlessly with the system and never gave any problems.” Using a combination of equipment supplied from Dream Sets and Carnival City’s in-house gear, the lighting fixtures included Vari-Lite VLZ Washes, Robe ParFects and LEDBeams dotted over the unusual triangular shaped trussing structure. “I drew the set before drawing the lights, so I actually shot myself in the foot, thereafter spending a lot of time trying to work out the correct position, correct backlight and front light angles! But once I figured that out, I got to drive the grandMA3 full-size for the first time!”

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