Hippotizer powers virtual audience and LED staging for Britain’s Got Talent Final


The 2020 final of Britain’s Got Talent wowed millions of viewers with a spectacular LED screen stage set and virtual audience, powered by Green Hippo’s Hippotizer Boreal+ and Karst+ Media Servers. Three active Boreal+ and one Karst+ were used for the main system, with the same amount again running as backup for the live show. One Boreal+ fed the main stage LED display, driving 6K content to 3mm screens from supplier Anna Valley, with another Boreal+ dealing with camera overlay effects and live camera shots. The Karst+ fed Art‐Net data from two lighting consoles to an array of SGM LED Tubes. This was a very different finale, with no physical audience present in the studio due to the COVID‐19 pandemic. In substitute, more than 1000 live feeds from viewers at home were fed to a new LED ‘audience wall’, positioned behind the judging panel. This was driven by the third Boreal+, with data fed in via NDI by broadcast graphics specialist, Happy Graphics. The virtual audience was collated from PCs using real‐time communications (RTC), and after being brought into the network via NDI was applied to a Hippotizer layer. Using Video Mapper, the team structured the feed to fit the different screens, using tint and colour match to unite them and make the virtual audience look harmonious with the video content and graphics.

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