Hibino Lighting opens new options for Japan’s 1000 Club with CHAUVET Professional


When LD&K purchased a former theatre with the intention of converting it into a live music venue, there was no question about the fixtures that would make up its lighting rig. The company had almost always used halogen fixtures, and it was set to do the same at its newest venue, the “1000 Club,” located near the Yokohama train station. That was until, its management sat down and talked to the team at Hibino Lighting. Surveying the 1000‐ capacity room, Hibino recommended that, given the limited power supply available, it would make more sense to install CHAUVET Professional LED fixtures. LD&K was hesitant, but trusting its vendor it agreed. As a result, when the club opened (as a livestream venue) in August, it featured a powerful and versatile lighting rig comprised of 56 COLORado, COLORdash and Ovation fixtures.

Arranged along the upstage deck, hung on overhead truss, and positioned on stage left and stage right poles as well as upstage stands, this collection of fixtures provides designers with a diverse range of options when lighting artists like Razor One man who perform at the club. Key to this versatility are the 22 COLORado 2‐Quad Zoom wash units in the rig. Drawing on the wide 14‐44 zoom range of the fixture, designers can easily use it to change coverage areas on the stage, moving from total color wash saturation to more focused spot effects. The RGBW color rendering capabilities of the COLORado 2‐Quad Zoom give designers a broad palette to choose from. Added color is provided by 22 COLORdash Par‐Quad 18 fixtures, which feature amber in addition red, green and blue LEDs. In addition to washing the stage, the COLORado Par‐Quad 18 fixtures are intended to be used for audience lighting. Since the club is currently used only for livestreaming, to provide smooth, even key lighting for live and videoed performances, the 1000 Club has 10 Ovation E‐910FC ellipsoidals in its rig. Hung five apiece on either side of the stage, these units ensure impeccable coverage of artists as they move around the stage. The RGBA‐Lime ellipsoidals also contribute to the rig’s lavish colorizing possibilities. Rounding out the 1000 Club’s new rig is a single Ovation SP‐300CW follow spot, which is positioned FOH. Following a performer with a crisp cool white beam, this powerful 260 ‐watt unit adds to the impact of shows, which is one reason why LD&K is so happy it heeded the advice of its trusted vendor.

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