HARMAN’s Martin Introduces Soft Lens Accessory For MAC Quantum Wash


HARMAN’s Martat-37_page118_image66in Professional is now offering the Soft Lens accessory for the MAC Quantum Wash light. This optional accessory is designed to enhance the capabilities of the MAC Quantum Wash and optimize the fixture for theatrical applications.

The Soft Lens accessory allows the MAC Quantum wash to create a more compact and dense beam. By utilizing the Soft Lens accessory, the synthetic LED look of the lens is reduced for a more Fresnel-style appearance of the front lens.

“With the Soft Lens accessory, the MAC Quantum Wash is the most effective LED wash light available for professional theatrical applications,” commented Markus Klüsener, Product Manager for Stage Lighting, Martin Professional. “The lens creates a more even color wash that enhances the audience experience atany theatre production.”

The lens also eliminates potential light artifacts that can appear on nearby surfaces at a 90-degree angle from the fixture’s aperture. Comprised of a ring and diffuser foil, the lens is a compact unit that can be easily mounted on the MAC Quantum Wash and can remain mounted on the fixture during transport in the original flight case.

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