GW Illumination lights Price Tower in PRIDE colors with CHAUVET Professional


This spirit of the Price Tower was celebrated when the iconic building glowed in vivid colors in honor of PRIDE Month with help from a collection of CHAUVET Professional fixtures supplied by GW Illumination. “To compound the issues, our color scheme had to account for the building’s
green weatherized copper tint as well as the light loss from the horizontal louvers that occurred when the light projected upward. John Gasche’s knowledge of how light reacts on various surfaces was a key element to the project,” said Chris Wilson, the project’s primary lighting designer. Helping the design team meet these challenges was an impressive collection of CHAUVET Professional fixtures that included four COLORado Panel Q40 units positioned at ground level on 9-foot trusses and placed on the flat roof of the canopy; two COLORado 3 Solo zoomable washes placed at the base of the Tower; one Ovation E-910FC-IP color-rendering ellipsoidal placed on 9-foot truss below the triangular staircase; and two COLORado Solo Batten 4s placed on the roof of the canopy facing the tower. Also contributing to the color-scape was the Ovation E-910FC IP RGBA-Lime ellipsoidal.

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