grandMA3 basic training with Luke Chikkala and Tsung Han Lu in The Philippines

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Tsun Hang Lu of Manila based Metatech Solutions and Systems Corporation, and supervised by Luke Chikkala of MA Lighting International Support, were the resource trainers during the 2-day hands-on-training attended by grandMA3 lighting designers from rental companies and corporate accounts operating in the Philippines. The training covered familiarization with the hardware’s range and layout, connections, set-up/patch/ views, and integrated 3D visualization, touching on making sample programming, learning presets and sequences, saving and editing moods, as well as creating and editing phases.

The trainees were also familiarized in the system’s programming tools, networking setting and protocols. Before qualifying for certification, all attendees were given a task to familiarize themselves with the network settings and find where a session is created, where their IP addresses are and where the DMX output could be changed. Lastly, attendees were also asked to change the DMX Output from XLRA from Universe 1 to Universe 15 as part of their task for the completion of the hands-on training. As part of Metatech’s commitment to their valued customers to provide quality products and services, Metatech continuously engage customers in product seminars and technical training’s and one of which is through MA Lighting’s MA University.

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