Goshen Swara Indonesia hosts Shure product showcase in Jakarta


PT Goshen Swara Indonesia invited Indonesia’s laudio professionals to view the latest offerings from Shure on 27 July. As the Authorized Distributor of Shure in Indonesia, Goshen Swara Indonesia choose Djakarta Theater as the venue for this event. Guest speakers from Shure South East Asia included: Nikki (Specialist, Market Development); Jack Ng (Senior Engineer, Application Pro & Retail); Rishmond Tew (Specialist, Market Development) The speakers covered a range of Shure’s new products, especially the Microflex Complete and Microflex Complete Wireless that targets the corporate market and system integrators.

They also explained about Twinplex, which is a line of premium subminiature lavalier and headsets microphones from Shure. Also introduced are the flagship wireless microphone models from Shure — the Axient Digital that come in AD and ADX models. During the event they did a live demo showing how to set up and to monitor using the Wireless Workbench (WWB6). Placing antennas in several locations demonstrated how even if someone were to go outside the building, the signal is still stable and doesn’t drop.

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