Goshen Swara Indonesia Appointed Community Distributor in Indonesia


Community Professional Loudspeakers is pleased to announce the appointment of Jakarta based PT. Goshen Swara Indonesia as its distributor for Indonesia. Goshen is a leading distributor of AV
products with an established portfolio of brands, including Apart, Shure, Biamp, Rane, DIS, SGM,AVIOM and K2VAudio. Cunario Suriya, Goshen’s Managing Director, stated, “Community is a well known brand with a comprehensive product range and outstanding technical support. Together with our value added distribution and committed network of installers and integrators, we are confident the addition of Community provides our market with the right combination for success.” He continued, “Community loudspeakers offer tangible benefits compared to other brands, particularly in challenging environments, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to develop and expand sales of their products in Indonesia.” Community’s APAC Sales Manager, Kim Muurholm Juergensen, commented, “Goshen is a wellestablished and respected AV distributor in Indonesia. With Community, Goshen is gaining a strong loudspeaker range in the quality installed sound sector for both indoor and demanding outdoor applications. Indonesia is an important market for us and with Goshen’s approach to adding value, I am confident we will be off to a good start. We are looking forward to working with Cunario and his team, both in serving their existing customers well and introducing Community’s quality loudspeakers to many new ones.” Yamaha TF series digital mixing consoles offer easy operation with an advanced touch-panel based Touch Flow Operation™ interface that has become popular with a wide spectrum of users in a variety of applications. Firmware Version 3.5 will significantly expand the utility of the TF series by adding acclaimed Dugan Speech System
automixing capability and other improvements. V3.5 brings Dugan automixer to a digital mixer in this price bracket for the first time. Dugan automixer can be applied to up to eight channels in the TF series,automatically raising the gain of microphone inputs that are active while lowering the gain of inactive microphone inputs, and adjusting each to create a consistent overall mix level. This eliminates the need for complex fader operation during presentations where multiple microphones are used, or at panel discussions where an even larger number of microphones may be required. Advanced Dugan automatic mixing algorithms also maintain a safe feedback margin, ensuring high quality, high clarity sound at all times. Yamaha pro audio business unit director Yoshi Tsugawa adds: “Firmware version 2.5 added a matrix and output delays, version 3.0 provided improved security features, and version 3.1 implemented AES67 support. The utility of the TF series has grown by leaps and bounds. Now Dugan automixer elevates the TF series consoles to a whole new level of
versatility and performance.”

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