Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 enhances performances and fan experience with JBL VTX series


To treat the audience at the Good Vibes Winter Festival 2020 to pristine sound and provide them an unforgettable experience, NZ Sound Reinforcement deployed a state‐of the‐ art HARMAN Professional networked audio solution that includes a collection of JBL Professional VTX Series loudspeakers. “We had multiple venues that demanded a specific combination of audio systems, so we used an assortment of JBL VTX loudspeakers. We also had light SPL restrictions in most venues, whilst keeping the system sounding energetic and full, which we managed to deliver perfectly,” said Juan Soothill of NZ Sound Reinforcement. “We also had very light load‐in times, but with the easy and quick rigging of JBL’s VTX A‐Series, we managed to get each system up and running extremely fast.” The impressive solution features JBL VTX A8 compact line array loudspeakers, including a ground‐stacked system as well as 12‐speaker arrays flown on each side of the stage. With the challenging venue acoustics, NZ Sound Reinforcement overcome this in their design and deployment of their JBL VTX system, consisting VTX A12 and VTX A12W dual 12” line array loudspeakers, while sub‐arrays consisting of VTX G28 dual 18” and VTX B18 single 18” subwoofers. Rounding out the sound system, NZ Sound Reinforcement also deployed VTX M22 professional stage monitors, SRX835P loudspeakers and SRX828SP subwoofers. Designed and configured with JBL’s Line Array Calculator 3.5 and Performance Manager 2.7 software, the system is powered by Crown VRack 4x3500HD amplifiers. “We required a high fidelity audio solution for the festival, as we were looking to enhance the festival’s sound and provide an immersive atmosphere,” said one of the event’s organizers. “We needed a partner to set up a unique networked audio system with exceptional sound to support some of the world’s biggest artists performing at the festival, and NZ Sound Reinforcement delivered exceptional service.”

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