GLP emphasizes stylish atmosphere in Salty Dog Studios


When asked how much time of his life he has spent in preprogramming studios, Jerry Appelt, one of the most successful international lighting designers, replies: “Years!” No wonder, since large productions like the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) take several months to prepare. And that’s reason enough for Jerry Appelt and Matthias Meyert to set up their own pre‐programming studio under the name ‘Salty Dog’—based on his ideas, in his home town of Hamburg. Eight GLP impression FR1 TM (Trackmount) can be found in the pleasant ambience of the new premises, set in the historic Zippelhaus. Salty Dog has two fully‐equipped preprogramming studios (120 m² and 35 m²) as well as additional lounges and a separate kitchen area. Of course, the lighting design in the rooms plays an essential role. In order to be as flexible as possible here, the team opted for eight FR1 TM. GLP Key Account Manager Oliver Schwendke, who was involved in the project early on, recommended the small luminaire because of its flexible application options and its subtle look. In the Salty Dog Studios, five FR1 TM are used in the central hallway, where they specifically highlight the large photo prints that adorn the walls. Three more spotlights are in‐stalled in the smaller of the two studios. Inserted effortlessly into an existing track, they can be wirelessly controlled via LumenRadio CRMX and allow maximum flexible illumination.

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