GENETIC Productions and Elation for Morgan Wallen


Event production company GENETIC Productions is out with country music star Morgan Wallen in North American. GENETIC has again supplied an Elation rig for the singer and serves as the lighting and video vendor for the outing, working closely with designer Zac Coren. The lighting rig packs a punch with tight 3-degree beams from Elation DARTZ 360™ LED moving heads energizing the atmosphere while immersing the stage and crowd in color and effect. Zac Coren, who serves as lead LD, says the DARTZ are the main focal point of his design. “They provide a lot of dynamic looks and have a great feature set to accomplish a variety of looks,” he says. GENETIC Productions President Andrew Sparks says that besides its versatility the rig has another key benefit, namely easy handling.

“The rig has also been designed for super quick deployment and breakdown,” he says. “In fact, the entire rig fits in a single trailer pulled behind a bus. The design consists of four separate set carts and each cart serves as both the show and transport location for the lighting and LED video.” Each set cart holds six Elation DARTZ 360™, two Cuepix Blinder WW2™ fixtures, two ACL 360 Bar™ LED battens, and one 2m tall x 1m wide AV4 LED video wall from Elation sister company ADJ. “The carts are designed to allow the top panels, along with the two ACL 360s, to easily fold back, making the carts easy to roll through standard doorways,” Sparks explains. “Two carts are set on either side of the center-positioned drum riser, allowing for a symmetrical look that allows for a wide backdrop to Morgan’s set.” Coren adds that each cart is configured with the ACL 360 Bars mounted towards the top. “This is a really fun way to add some back light to the band as well as some eye candy,” he says. Coren acknowledges the ADJ video team and says he has been extremely impressed with the AV4 panels, as well as the Elation/ADJ team for continuing to support GENETIC and him throughout the years.

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