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Gearhouse helps Fill UP FNB

The third iteration of the “Fill Up” series of concerts by South Africa Hip Hop artist, Cassper Nyovest, was produced by the innovative team at Formative and technical was delivered by the Gearhouse Group. At the start of the show a massive ‘jungle’ curtain swept aside to reveal a stage dominated by LED panels. A centre screen of stacked MC 7 LED screens linked up with 9.6m x 4.8m flown CB 8 screens to the left and right, ROE Visual strips encased the 4 band ‘cages’ top and back and a DUO LED strip ran the full width of the 24m Stageco stage to create a unified set of LED surfaces. The content was created and supplied by Formative and the panels by LEDVision. In such an AVintensive environment, the main consideration for Gearhouse’ Lighting Designer Robert Grobler, was to integrate the lighting with the visual content as much as possible. To accomplish the effects he wanted, Grobler combined a range of fixtures ranging from Martin Vipers, Robe Pointe, MAC 2000 Washes, Claypaky Scenius Unico, SGM P5’s, Martin MAC 101s and Rush Pars to Molefey and Phillip Nitrostrobes scattered around the rig. From an audio perspective, FNB Stadium jobs can be incredibly complicated due to the sheer size and reflectiveness inside the stadium. For this reason, the Gearhouse Audio team prefers to treat the roof delay completely separately to the ground PA. The main PA comprised 14 L-Acoustics K1, 3 L-Acoustics Kara down fills, 8 K1 SB subs flown and 16 L-Acoustics V-DOSC out fills on each side. For delays, the team used eight flown arrays of V-DOSC left and right with 3 dV-DOSC down fills and a centre delay of 8 K1 with 6 KARA down fills beneath that. From the roof, they had an additional sixteen hangs with a combination of 70 ARCS II, KUDO, dVDOSC and KARA. The team at Gearhouse Audio were excited to be able to send their new Avid VENUE S6L consoles out on this job. On FOH, achieving amazing results with the PA, was Tshepo Mokgosi and on monitors was the legendary Revil Baselga. Because of the complexity of these types of setups, resident FNB Stadium expert and Systems Engineer, Kgashane Malatji oversaw the set up from a Gearhouse point of view. “As always with the Formative Team, the look, design and overall entertainment factor was incredible,” adds Project Manager Nickolas Chapman. “On this one, it felt as though we really got it right. All aspects just pulled together beautifully.” Formative’s Gareth Hadden concurs “I love working with the Gearhouse team! You know you’re dealing with the best guys and we all have fun.”

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