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From stadiums to showrooms, NovaStar’s MCTRL660 PRO does it all

NovaStar’s MCTRL660 PRO is making waves in the industry due to its impressive feature set and flexibility. With just one frame of latency, the 660 PRO is perfect for applications where a delay is unacceptable. One excellent use of the MCTRL660 PRO was at the E-Sports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where 11 MCTRL660 PRO units ensured latency never became an issue. A powerhouse of a controller, the MCTRL660 PRO has high bit depth input (10bit/12bit RGB4:4:4/YCbCr4:4:4) and excellent resolution 1920×1080@60Hz). This high bit depth lets the 660 PRO display more colors than most competing products, reaching 68.7 billion colors and improving color richness by 4096 times. (This Experience Room in New York uses 50 MCTRL660 PRO units for its ports, rich features, and find-pitch capabilities).

This level of bit depth and loading capacity is a must for applications like this Experience Room in New York,where the MCTRL660 PRO was installed in the racks. The 50 MCTRL660 PRO units were used due to the high loading capacity it can provide while limiting rack space. The client also mentioned its enhanced features, Ethernet ports, and ability to provide loading for fine pixel pitch as reasons for choosing the 660 PRO. Low latency and excellent power give the MCTRL660 PRO the necessary power to handle the most demanding applications. Features like RGB independent Gamma adjustment, image mirroring, and fiber converter mode all ensure the 660 PRO has the versatility to meet the needs of any scenario. When power, flexibility, and excellent stability are needed, NovaStar’s MCTRL660 PRO is the controller to get the job done.

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