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FOX Sports’ South Beach Studio stops traffic with LED video walls driven by disguise

FOX Sports went the whole nine yards in its coverage of Super Bowl LIV in Miami, building a South Beach studio compound that represented the network’s largest footprint ever for a Super Bowl. FOX Sports’ collaborated with Creative Works London on the studios’ set content package, which featured disguise solutions driving more than 50 square meters of LED video at the compound. disguise’s VR capabilities played a key role in the pre-vis process for the event. “What ultimately sold the scale of what we were creating was when we plugged in an Oculus headset and let disguise do its magic,” says Dan Potter, co-founder of Creative Works London. “Being able to move around the set and look at the work from different vantage points is always useful. Having VR integrated into disguise is a real plus, not only for me being able to see the final product at scale, but also for the team to experience the work in context as it’s being built.” disguise’s integration of Notch real-time graphics and dynamic content proved to be a further advantage to the project. “One part involved creating a countdown to the Super Bowl kick-off. We turned to a Notch-based approach that allowed us to create a solution to pull the time from the server and, using JavaScript, feed it into a Notch Block using pre-rendered animation and the UV Unpack,” Dan explains.

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