Fineline Lighting creates #LightItInRed message on Pyramid Stage with CHAUVET Professional


Like a ghost ship at bay, the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury stood eerily silent when Rob Sangwell and his team from Fineline Lighting visited in early July. Outlined against a gray sky, its stark metal frame shorn of all the coverings, lighting fixtures and PA gear that are so familiar to festival-goers, the iconic structure seemed lost and forlorn. In its isolation, the stage served as a metaphor for the state of the live entertainment industry, believed the Fineline team. “We wanted to do something big and we considered many local landmarks, but the pyramid stage was the best choice, because it is such a recognizable structure,” said Sangwell. “Plus, in its current form, with no stage deck or sheeting, it’s very representative of the state of our industry today. The Pyramid Stage is a steel skeleton waiting for the talented crews and companies who usually descend on the site in June to transform it into the spectacular production space we all know and love. We knew that if we could get permission, it had to be the site we lit!” Included in the kit that Fine line used to light this redolent site were 28 Maverick Storm 1 Wash, eight Maverick Storm 1 Spot and four Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures from CHAUVET Professional. Controlling the kit with a ChamSys MQ100 console, they positioned the wash fixtures all the way around the interior of the Pyramid. Orienting these units downstage, the design team used them to highlight the main steel work supports and accent the structure’s shape. “Setup was a simple process, which is not surprising given the circumstances,” said Sangwell. “A lot of people pulled together to make this happen, including Michael Eavis, Emily Eavis, Haggis Mcleod, Jason Bryant, Chris Salmon and Rob Kearle from Glastonbury; Jim Creed from Powerline, who loaned us his generator; and our crew: James Harrington, Reuben Pinkney, Chris Randall an Fox Valentine. Creating an expression of solidarity with our industry meant a great deal.”

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