Finding SPACE for Zero 88


The SPACE is an inspirational theatre training complex at Heathfield Community School in Somerset, UK. The SPACE includes an 85-seat performance theatre, dance and drama studios all kitted out to high technical specifications – including new Zero 88 Chilli Pro 24 Bypass dimmers. They were installed by Bright Production Services and fit extremely well into the SPACE’s dimmer room which they also make a much quieter environment than previously! The SPACE’s technical manager Tom Froom explained that new Chilli Pro dimmers have replaced older units – from another manufacturer – which had been in residence for around a decade. They control 120 circuits of lighting. Currently, the lighting rig includes Selecon Rama 150 and Acclaim PC’s, ETC Source Four Zooms and Source Four Juniors plus a lot of PARs all on the LX rig above the 8 x 8 metre stage. They sometimes use projectors running from hard power, so the Chilli Pro’s with their ‘bypass’ / hot power functionality – available at the touch of a button – was a perfect solution and a far more flexible system than previously. Tom comments that Zero 88’s UK manufacturing facility in Cwmbran, Wales is also relatively close which is reassuring for long-term support. The adjacent Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre has also just recently purchased a Zero 88 FLX console.

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