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Music Inside Rimini (MIR), held in Italy from 5-7 May, 2019, provides a complete showcase of all the products and services for the event sector, from technology and services for entertainment to integrated systems and professional video. One of the hottest topics discussed at MIR was the super curve screen and the world’s largest trailer screen in the Hall C7 161. In the Hall C7 161, a large LED display successfully caught eyes from all directions. The special 90°design and curve design had presented a beautiful scene with stocking effect, creating an advanced and modern display platform. After veiled Prolight+sound in Germany, the world’s largest trailer screen appeared again at the show and this time it had created a cool outdoor scene for MIR. The whole great masterpiece was created by Dicolor and Wave & Co together. The indoor pavilion is perfectly presented by the connection of AF-291 and AF-391 with 90° and 45°.

As for outdoors, M-590Pro created an elliptical display scene. In addition, at the entrance of the MIR, the world’s largest trailer screen with Dicolor’s M-480Pro was cheering for this event. As an LED stage rental display expert, Dicolor has created a modern and cool stage scene for countless music festivals. Its stage rental products have always been popular with customers with the excellent cabinet structure. With the original design of flexible curve lock, modular design, straight – curved cabinets compatible splicing design, we have the very power to meet the various creative needs of customers. Dicolor’s products have not only structural advantages, but also the characteristics of high refresh rate. That’s the reason why our displays can withstand the capture of professional cameras, and the live picture is still clear, delicate and water less without any shakings or strobe lines.

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