Evolve Technology launches Immerse to develop xR, immersive and interactive solutions


Orlando-based Evolve Technology, which partners with clients to provide an extensive range of customized video rental, sales and training solutions, has launched Immerse to develop immersive technology solutions and services for systems integrators, production companies and consultants. “It’s been apparent that immersive technologies were coming; a lot of clients had been talking about immersive solutions this year. Then COVID-19 hit and accelerated the conversation,” says Evolve CEO Tyler Mayne. “We realized that live events would be the last business segment to come back after the pandemic, so that got us thinking about how to provide immersive solutions to this sector through a new sub brand of Evolve called Immerse.” Immerse will offer turnkey xR stage solutions for augmented and extended reality experiences, immersive environments featuring LED and projection technologies, and Interactive technologies such as Notch, a real-time interactive video effects software platform and object tracking to augment content. Manufacturers whose high-end equipment will comprise Immerse solutions include Barco and Panasonic for projectors; Absen and other high end LED walls with NovaStar and Brompton processing; Barco, Analog Way and AJA for video processing; disguise, AV Stumpfl and Analog Way for media servers; Panasonic for cameras and camera switching; and BlackTrax for camera and object tracking. In addition, Immerse will offer an xR solution powered by disguise xR technology.

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