Everlast Productions and Elation at Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach


The 2017’s New Year’s Eve festivities at the luxury hotel Fontainebleau Miami Beach saw pop icon Demi Lovato and popular DJ KYGO ring in the New Year . Lighting Director and Production Designer Tyler Frank and the team at Everlast Productions created a memorable experience for Fontainebleau’s guests. Everlast’s Tyler Frank handled production design and had a large automated rig at his disposal, including Elation Professional Platinum 5R Beam Extreme™, Platinum FLX™, ZCL360 Bar™ and SixBar 1000™ luminaires. Frank calls the Platinum 5R Beam Extreme one of his favorite lights to use outdoors. He used 48 beam fixtures in total, some on the façade of the structure, on the roof, and some in the house attached to palm tree mounts. The hybrid Platinum FLX moving heads were crucial to the versatility of the rig with Frank placing four truss fingers with four FLX fixtures on each flown over the band. The ZCL 360 Bars played several roles, primarily as a wash light when zoomed out but also to create linear details with LED pixels. The SixBar 1000s, one-meter long color-changing battens with 6-color LED multi-chips, fulfilled a special role and were used to light up the pathways in the pit under the structure. Frank values the close relationship that Everlast Productions has created with Elation Professional “because we know that we are getting a professional fixture for a good price,” he said. “Elation products have a high build quality and light output that is hard to find anywhere else and the wide range of products gives designers and programmers options in the rig.” He concludes by saying that this year he would have liked to see the Proteus™ series or some of Elation’s other range of IP65 fixtures. “We were blessed that weather wasn’t an issue but every time you are sending moving lights outside you are rolling the dice. I would rather stack the odds in my favor by getting IP65 rated moving lights,” he concludes.

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