Eventlive-Group acquires Claypaky Mini-B LED moving lights


Eventlive-Group, a leading AV equipment and service supplier in Biarritz, France, has added a complement of Claypaky Mini-B fixtures to its extensive lighting inventory. “Clients come to us for our technical skills as well as our creative mindset,” says Hugo Malatray, Light Designer with Eventlive-Group. The company recently invested in 16 Claypaky Mini-Bs, which Hugo calls “small, silent, bright, fast and precise.

There hasn’t been a small wash light like it for the last decade.” Malatray says the Mini-B is “the only LED wash fixture I’ve ever accepted as a front light for a filmed show,” citing Bayonne’s annual “Fête de Musique,” which this June streamed on the French city’s website, social media and TVPI. “Mini-B is also very quiet compared to some ultra-noisy LED beams we’ve used.” The Mini-B purchased from Dimatec were chosen for the “Fête de la Musique” of Bayonne. The “Fête de la Musique” 2020 is unlike any other festival and is a symbol of the resumption of activity in the sector. The investment in 16 Mini-B also represents a resurgence for lighting distributors like Dimatec. Professionals in the events and entertainment sector. They’re finding ways to grow their creativity through ingenious solutions and current tools. Eventlive-Group hopes to add more Mini-Bs in the future with Hugo reporting that, “we have another 16 on our lighting wish list!”

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