Evan Antal evokes memories on Twiddle Roots virtual tour with CHAUVET DJ


With live shows on hold because of COVID‐19 restrictions, Twiddle decided to honor Vermont’s legendary live music venues with an aptly named Roots Tour. Over the course of this summer, the band visited venues that played an important role in their career. Although the only people physically in the venue were the band and crew, Twiddle played their heart out knowing they were still able to bring something special to the table for their fans. Also adding the emotional power of the show were Antal’s colorful, quick‐moving light shows, which were anchored by CHAUVET DJ Intimidator 250 Spot fixtures. Using 10 of the 50‐watt LED units at The Pickle Barrel and four at Nectars, he relied on them to create a series of punchy looks for the band. “For a band like Twiddle, where the goal of the lighting is to interpret the emotion of the moment, color is a particularly important element,” continued Antal. “In addition to the standard colors, the 250 has orange, light green, and light blue – some of which are missing on spot fixtures at higher price points. It also does split colors, making it really easy to punt a show with them on any console and get deeper colorful looks with ease.”

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